Stopping and smelling the roses: Lil’ Update

Hey Babes!!
I'm back with a new post after a brief hiatus. I've been packing, apartment planning, doing some freelance writing work, and now that a majority of it is done I can go back to my regular posting schedule. A lot happened in the past couple of weeks. I made some great memories and also started writing for a print magazine(my first time ever writing for print!!). Things are crazy busy and I'm totally in love with everything I'm doing. Even though I'm happy, I often race around and don't take the time to enjoy the journey. I scramble to make deadlines and fine tune my work. I don't even remember the last time I went on a walk or meet up with a friend for coffee. I need to slow down and enjoy the present. Sometimes I worry too much about what my future will be like, and how I need to have everything figured out. I'm young and I have a ton of growing up to do. I make mistakes, I say the wrong things, but I also make wonderful things. I create, inspire, and praise the one who gave it all to me. I'm so excited to share new content with you guys and I hope you all are having a wonderful Saturday. Writing this post is making me want to buy some roses and sit them next to my window!!😊
I hope you enjoyed this post even though it was more of an update. I'll have my 1950's look book posted sometime in the next couple of days.
Love Y'all!!

Hawaii Travel Diary!

Hey, Babes!

I had the best 3 weeks visiting my family in Hawaii and I’m excited to share the highlights with you all! I hope you enjoy this post and have a lovely morning:)


After spending getting rid of the jet lag, my aunt drove us to a great hiking spot. I haven’t been hiking in ages and I haven’t seen this particular spot since I was a young girl. It was a couple miles to walk but the view was absolutely breathtaking. I especially enjoyed snapping some photos from the lookout. I seriously felt like Moana leaning out towards the ocean!


A classic Jasmine vacation is not complete without a day of shopping! We per used several places but my favorite had to be Ala Moana. They had so many stores, including some I don’t typically see in a mainland mall. I actually racked up some pretty sweet deals hat I will share in a collective shopping haul later this week. I made my first purchase at Zara and quickly fell in love with the store. Zara is similar to forever 21 but the quality of clothes is a bit nicer and is a little more pricey.



You can’t beat the local food in Hawaii…period. I went to dozens of places with the family but you grandmas homemade fried rice and puertogese sausage and fried rice was definitely my favorite. If you ever go to Hawaii and want to eat great local food, try L&L and pearl’s. Both restaurants have amazing plate lunches and dinners!

                             •The Beach•

I can’t go to Hawaii without at least seeing the ocean at least once! My family had a day of stand up paddling, an whilst I’m not really a fan of the activity, it was great to see them have so much fun. My younger cousins even got a chance to learn from my uncle. 


We had time to squeeze in a couple of movies before we headed home and I’m so glad we did! I saw the newest Despicable me(so cute!) and Spider-Man Homecoming(very good!) with my family. Bonus points was grabbing mochi afterwards… bubbies is the best!!🙈I haven’t sat down in a theater with the whole family Ina while and it was such a great time! 

*Pro tip: Buying the kids portion of movie snacks no only saves you money but allows give your perfect portion size!

My uncle and I had fun jamming to the preview music and if he’s reading this, dancing in the movie theaters is totally in right nowXD

I had such a great time with my family, and although I’m sad to leave them for the summer I’m happy I got to share such fun memories with them. My two younger cousins were such a delight to hang out with and I love them dearly. I can’t wait to see them grow up into talented and respectful young adults! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to stay tuned for apartment updates!

Love y’all,


Dear College Freshman

Hey Babes!

This one is for all the nervous, excited, and future college freshman! I have put together some tips for doing well your first year including dorm tips, organization, friends, parties, and relationships. I hope you enjoy this post and grab a cup of tea or coffee because this is going to be a long one.


                         •Your Dorm•

No matter how big or small, AC or no AC, and hall style bathroom or suite style your dorm room is going to be your place to relax. This is your built in living room, dining room, and bedroom all in one! If you have a roommate(you most likely will) make sure you communicate ahead of time to discuss who’s bringing what. I did this with my both of my previous roommates and it was so helpful in the long run. Here’s a list of things I find helpful to bring(but make sure you check your school’s website for a finalized list!!)

  • Extra set of twin xl sheets
  • Desk hutch
  • Comfy lounge chair 
  • Throw pillows(for decorating!)
  • Canvases(another decor item)
  • Iron & Board
  • Laundry supplies
  • Photos of family and friends 
  • Healthy Snacks and container to store them in!



You are either going to be best friends with your roommate or the latter… but that doesn’t mean you can’t peacefully coexist! Make sure to contact your roommate before moving in and talking about preferences. Early bird? Let her know that you’ll be waking up early to catch that 7 am yoga class. Night owl? Make sure to buy a reading light for late night hw sessions or chill out in the tv lounge. 


Before we start this portion off make sure you buy a planner! These things are pure magic and help organize everything you need to get done. I’ll link a couple of my favorite ones below. If you are on budget(like myself!) TJMaxx and marshalls have the best deals on planners😊

Ok you’re in college to get an education so make sure your attitude is set in the right place. You might be tempted to stay up light and watch tv because your parents aren’t around the corner anymore… but trust me- you’ll regret it(I’ve been there🙄) 

Invest in a good computer and some good school supplies. They can last you a long time if you do this. I’ve had my baby Mac book pro since junior year of high school! 


                       •Social Scene•

I’m going to be candid here… your college experience is entirely what YOU make it. If you want to party all night and fail your exams-you’ll do that. But you don’t have to get drunk and party to have a good time in college. I don’t go to parties often and I’ve met some of the greatest people and had some of the most enjoyable times ever! I am apart of a sorority but I don’t partake in parties, and I get the same enjoyment out of my experiences. Check out the activities your campus has for sober events- most of them are actually a great time! 

Here of some of my favorite things to do with my friends:

Trivia nights

Comedy shows

Late night restaurant runs

Movie nights 

12pm IHOP and cookout trips(my personal fave😂)


From the experiences of friends, and myself, dating in college can be a bit of a mess. You’re in this exciting place with new opportunities and new faces. You want to try everything at once. I briefly dated a guy during my freshman year and it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I guess in high school I expected adult relationships to be like a fairytale and how it is in the movies. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a Cory and Topanga relationship(ugh so goals) in college, but it also doesn’t mean that you should make it your prime focus. All I have to say with this one, is be yourself! Don’t try to change who you are for a guy and don’t make them your priority. There are so many things about college to be excited about!

Before I end this post I asked for questions on my latest post on Instagram for anyone wanted some advice before they started college. I got a question so I’m going to answer it here😊

💕”How do I balance school work and a social life while I live on campus?”💕

✨That’s a great question! What I have to say about this is make sure you make a schedule for yourself. Plan out your day and write down everything you need to do. You’ll have plenty of time to hang out with friends because most likely, they will be living with you! Always put school first and then filter in activities. If you happen to get involved with activities that align with your niche that’s even better! Also I would advise you to make friends with your classmates. Study parties can be a good time🤗✨

Good luck with college girly!💕

Ok guys, I hope you all enjoyed this post! I intend on doing more college related posts in the future… I hope you all have a good night and I’ll see you all soon.

Love y’all!


How to style rompers 

Hey Babes!

I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely LOVE rompers. They are super comfy and easy to throw on for school, and casual days out. In today’s post I’m going to give you guys a quick guide to styling rompers for every season and the best ways to wear them for certain occasions.

Let’s get into it!


The weather is obviously warmer during this time, so it’s the prime time to wear short sleeve and tank rompers. Bright colors and patterns work best during these two seasons.

                             🎃Fall/ Winter❄️

Although I don’t recommend wearing rompers when is super cold out, there are ways to transition them into these seasons. 

I paired my purple romper with a denim skirt in the picture above. This outfit would be perfect for fall if paired with a chunky cardigan in a neutral color and boots/sneakers.

            ☕️Rompers in the workplace☕️

Depending on where you work, a romper could be a fun way to spice up a work outfit. I don’t recommend wearing if you work in a business, law firm, or other job that requires proffesional attire. I work at the library at my school so it’s perfect for a casual day of shelving books and sitting at the desk. 

If you…

Work at a magazine, small corporation, or something upbeat- a romper would be perfect for you!

                   🥂 Evening/Date night🥂

Rompers can be dressed up for a night out on the town with the girls AND the perfect outfit for a movie/restaurant date. I’ve linked a couple of cute rompers for both of these ocassions.
Thank you guys so much for reading this post and I hope you all have a wonderful morning🤗

Love y’all!


How to shop on a college budget

Hey, Babes!

I absolutely love to shop, but I also am a college student so I have to stay on a budget while I’m going to school. Even if you aren’t currently in school, this post will be helpful to anyone wanting to save money when shopping for clothes!

1) Subscribe to email lists

Usually online clothing stores have deals that will be sent to you once you join the email list. I’ve gotten free shipping and up to 30% when I do this!

2)  Shop large retailers before heading to the mall

I love TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross. I find the best deals on shoes from Ross and clothes from the other two. I usually shop at the mall during sale season and before major holidays. 

3) Thrift Thrift Thrift

I am a huge fan of thrifting, and a lot of times I get to curate my own style by doing this. You can find really original pieces in Thrift stores and for a lot of times end up getting a bunch of clothes for under $20!

4) Outlet stores

In my NYC travel diary I talked about visiting The Mill, a popular outlet mall in New Jersey. The great thing about these places is that it’s stores from a regular mall but the prices are marked down.

5) Buy on off seasons

This is such an underrated tip. You can save so much money by purchasing seasonal pieces on off seasons. Here’s a little guide that I follow that seems to work for me:

For fall and winter clothes->> Buy during the summer time

For spring and summer clothes->> Buy during early fall

I hope you guys liked this post and maybe took something out of it! 

✨Like this if you love saving money😍✨

Love y’all!


15 things that make me smile

Hey Babes!

I had such a serene day during my last couple of days in paradise. I decided to compile a list of 20 things that make me smile… I was hoping this post could make you guys smile as well😊
1) Jesus

Reading god’s word and singing his praise never fails to make me smile😊

2) Reading

As an English major this list wouldn’t be complete with out books!! I’m thinking of doing a segment on my blog about my reading habit so stay tuned😏

3) Exploring

Even if I don’t spend any money, I love finding new places to take pictures of/at and I absolutely am always down for an adventure.

4) Trying new restaurants 

I love food..period

5) Sweets

Brownies are my favorite but cupcakes come up as a close second🙈

6) Dressing up

Even if I’m just going to target I LOVE dressing up. You probably won’t find me in jeans and a t-shirt that often😂
7) Traveling 

When I can, I love to travel and take pictures. Plane rides are probably my favorite type of transportation next to train rides.

8) Writing

You can most likely find me writing a blog post or a random short story in my free time.

9) Shopping

I love shopping but I also love saving money when shopping. Tj maxx and Marshalls are my favorite stores!

10) Cups of tea

Chai is my absolute favorite!

11) Family(especially my the Lorelei to my Rory)

I love my family and my mom and I are super close💕

12) Pizza

Favorite food and best when it is the size(or bigger) than your face.

13) My friends

My friends are rad and I love them so much

14) Cute coffee shops

Even though I don’t drink coffee(lol) I like ordering tea and treats at cool hipster coffee places!

15) Baking(especially chocolate chip cookies)

Last but certainly not least… I love baking! It’s a great stress reliever and I love trying vegan recipes😋

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you all have wonderful days😊💕

Love y’all!


Fresh Face Makeup Routine

Hey Babes!

Today I wanted to share my makeup routine for a fresh face, that doesn’t look like you’re trying to hard… I use these products everyday and it’s perfect for casual outings and school! 


Foundation- Maybelline Dream 

Mascara- Maybelline Rocket

Lipstick- Elf Blushing Brown Matte Lipstick

Eyebrow- Elf brow duo

Powder- Maybelline FIT ME

That’s it!!😊💕

I hope you guys liked this simple makeup tutorial and comment below if you have any fave natural makeup products🙈 Tweet @theroarin20smth if you try it out so I can see pics😍

Love Y’all,


Travel Diary #1: Palm Trees and Paradise 

Hey Babes!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m on vacation visiting family. If you aren’t… my handle is @theroarintwentysomethin! Anyways I have been in pure bliss, eating tons of great food and relaxing on the beach. I have some pictures to share of memorable moments so far. I’ve been thinking about my last couple years of college and how this summer is going to be on the last ones I have fully free of school. Soon I will be working full time and won’t have the joy of taking off a couple months at a time to relax. So I’m taking advantage of the break and soaking in tons of rays😻





I hope you guess enjoyed this little post and stay tuned for more updates!!

Love y’all💕


15 facts about me!

Hello, Babes!

Since I revamped my blog I didn’t really take the time to introduce myself… so today I’m going to tell you all 15 things about myself. Feel free to introduce yourself in the comments as well😊

Ok let’s get into it!

1) My favorite color is pink

My mom can back me up on this one… I’ve liked the color pink since I was in kindergarten✨

2) I’m a junior in college

I’m majoring in English!📚

3) I’m a huge Disney fan!!✨

I love all things Disney and one of my goals is to be a Disney princess at Disneyland🙈(or at least work there!)

4) I’m a 🐱 person

And that means my apartment will be decorated with tons of them😂

5) The Green Lantern is my favorite super hero

Yes I love Ryan Reynold’s version… but I loved the comic book version first🤗

6) My favorite food is pizza 

Ask me about the best places to eat pizza and I’ll probably direct you to NYC

7) If I could be any literary character it would probably be either Elizabeth Bennett or Carrie Bradshaw 

Both of these ladies are trailblazers✨

8) I love astrology!!

I don’t necessarily believe in it but I do read horoscopes for fun in the morning!

9) I love Jesus

This one is no secret! I’ve posted about my faith before on here but since it’s such a big part of my life m, I figured I should add this on here.

10) I like writing short stories

I’m writing one right now and chapter 3 will be posted before I go on vacation! 

Miss_noelrose on wattpad

and Noel_Rose on Figment!

11) I’m a transitioning vegetarian!

I don’t completely nix meat from my diet… but I do try to limit red meat to special occasions and during vacation. other than that I usually try to avoid eating meat during the school year😊 I hope to be completely vegetarian before I graduate college! 

12) I love fashion!

I usually dress up for almost every occasions and I also like repurposing my clothes… I’m making a tutorial on how to make DIY high waisted jean shorts soon😏

13) Brownies are my favorite dessert!

Bonus points if there is a scoop of ice cream with it😋

14) Keira Knightly is my fave female celeb and Benedict Cumberbatch is my fave male celeb

And yes they are both British!😂

15) I love the 1920’s-1950’s era

I adore watching movies from this era and listening to music. Some of my favorites are How to steal a million, and songs by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Dion🙈

The fashion is also amazing as well💃🏽

Thank you so much for taking the time for reading this! I’m so blessed for your support and I wouldn’t be here without you guys. I hope you all have a lovely day✨