It’s finally Vendredi(Friday)

Hi there,

So I trudged through the week and made it to Friday. Since I’m in college now Fridays have a different meaning to me. Now that I actually live with my friends I never really spend a weekend alone. There’s always sometime to hang out with and strike up a conversation. Sometimes I miss my alone time and having privacy back home, but then again it’s fun having a dozen girls pile into your room to watch a chick flick. I hope you enjoy your Friday and spend it well. Often times we waste our days scrolling through tumblr, making endless boards on Pinterest, and watching one to many shows on Netflix. Although I admit to being a repeat offender to all of these, I do strive to make my days more meaningful; whether it be reading a new book, painting a canvas, or having a coffee date with one of my friends. I think you should do this to. Take some time out of your day to breathe and really appreciate the essence of life. It’s so beautiful and most of the time we aren’t there to see it… Anyways I hope you have a fantastic Friday and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for another of my ramblings.




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