First two months in college: Wrapped up




Hi Everyone!

This week has been quite an interesting one… I went through the motions of preparing for midterms and endured my very first college homecoming. Throughout all of the exciting things
that have happened this far I am enjoying some time to myself. As I reflect on my first couple of months in college, I recall some specific tokens of advice that I have learned thus far. Here are the top three things I have learned from college so far;

  1. Laundry: I have been doing laundry by myself since the tail end of middle school but I never realized how difficult it can be use public machines… Sometimes I found myself waiting almost an hour for a machine to open up! one piece of advice I can tell you when doing your laundry in a dormitory or shared apartment is to pre-separate your loads before making the trip and avoiding the laundry room at optimal times(My building’s are usually Friday and Sunday afternoons). Also please remember your soap and basket before you leave. Luckily I have an elevator in my building, but its still quite annoying having to go back and forth numerous times.
  2. Studying: This is an important one. Studying the night before for an exam may have worked in high school, but it doesn’t fly well in college. I would give myself at least 2 weeks minimum from the time you hear about your test to adequately study for it. Now this doesn’t mean cram for 3 hours for 2 weeks straight. Simply studying for 30-to an hour every night can make a huge difference. Just make sure you don’t give in to distractions during your study time. A couple Netflix breaks here and there won’t break you, but don’t make it a habit.
  3.   Food:  As much as I love chicken nugget Thursdays at my dinning hall, it can’t always be fun and   games. Making a reasonable meal plan will help you so much in the long-run. My first couple of weeks at JMU were a blast. I pretty much ate pizza the first couple of nights.I don’t suggest this every night for the rest of the semester, but you can live a little during your first couple of weeks. My advice is to try to incorporate at least one or maybe two items of the food pyramid every meal. That means a vegetable, meat, protein, fruit, and grain. Now of course Im not telling you to go on a diet of any sort, but doing this well help keep your immune system balanced.

Well I hope you enjoyed this post! It wasn’t one of my “exciting” ones but I hope some of you got something out of it. Speaking of laundry, I should probably take mine out of the dryer before someone has a cow…See you soon:)





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