Charming Chats(C.C)



Hey, Babes!


I just got finished with my Rhetoric Class and wanted to fill you lovelies in on my day so far. I want to start a new segment on Quite enchanting called Charming Chats or C.C’s. These will be categorized under the Life section of my blog and will be posted occasionally, but usually on Wednesdays or Thursdays. I tried this strawberry lemonade drink at my Starbucks and I’m in love! What I loved about the drink, is that it’s organic and free of yucky preservatives. I have tried to eat clean for the past couple of weeks, and this was the perfect pick me up for my very cold and blue morning. It really gave me the energy to strive through today and make the most of my day. Well, that’s it for my very first C.C! I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your afternoons and make the most of your day’s as well!




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