Deep Blue Update: Finished!





Hey, Babes!

I am happy to announce I finally finished Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly! It was such a great read and I wanted to give a more in-depth review today. Don’t worry, If you haven’t read it yet you won’t find any spoilers in here:)

Ok, Let’s get into it!

Cover art and lettering:


First of all, I absolutely adore mermaids, so it wasn’t hard for me to get into this book. The cover is absolutely enchanting!  I also love the hand painted lettering look for each of the chapter names and the blue hue spread across the tops of the chapter pages. So beautiful:)

Overall Content:

The vocabulary in this one was AMAZING. I loved that the author put a vocabulary glossary at the back of the book that I could refer to when I didn’t understand a specific word. A lot of the language in the book was latin mixed with an imaginative mermaid language. I found the language surprisingly easy to swallow and it gave me a bunch of inspiration for my next manuscript. The ending took me by surprise and left me wanting much more of an explanation.

Sequel thoughts?

I am definitely hooked on this series, and I can’t wait to order the next sequel and get started with it… Until then I am starting Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series. Wish me luck on that one because I have been told it is quite the tear jerker😢

Final thoughts?

I 100% recommend this book for anybody looking for a new fantasy read. I was totally enthralled with this book and now I need to have the next two books in my collection.

Well, guys, I hope you enjoyed my review here today and decide to pick up this beauty! If you have any opinions on the series, make sure you sound off in the comments below!

*Please do not disclose any spoilers, in the best interest of my readers who have not had the chance to read the book yet!:)*

*Update: I have added a new category to the blog called Books! you can find all of my book reviews and updates regarding reading over there if you wish:)*





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