Tori Kelly Inspired Hairstyle



Good Morning, Babes!

Today I want to share a special tutorial with you guys. I absolutely love Tori Kelly’s music and her hair is literally to die for! I came across a method that gave me big curls that remind me of Tori’s. The hairstyle isn’t exactly the same because I have quite a bit more hair than Tori but I think it stills works:) If you’d like to learn how I did this hairstyle keep reading!

Ok, let’s get into it!

FullSizeRender 4


Step One: Wash and Condition your hair thoroughly. I use the Biolage Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner.

Step Two: After you finish washing your hair comb it out gently and put some type of leave in product in it.I love the Anti-Frizz Kukui Oil. Now let your hair dry for about 20 minutes until it’s half dry and half damp.

Step Three: Work in a curling mousse into your hair, focusing on getting the product evenly distributed throughout your hair. I use Garnier Fructis’s Curl Construct Mousse. It’s been a favorite of mine for awhile now!

Step Four: Put your hair in two pigtail braids. I take showers and wash my hair before bed so I like to sleep on the braids overnight. I feel like I get the best results that way. You can totally do this in the morning as long as you got some time on your hands:)

Step Five: Take out the braids and gently brush out your hair. Now spray in your favorite heat protectant I love Aussie’s!:)

Step Six: After you sprayed the heat protectant all over your hair get your curling iron out! I used the Bella Beauty Bubble wand for this look but use whatever curling iron you prefer. I recommend one that creates tight curls in order to create the Tori Kelly Hairstyle.

Before I continue I have to give some credit to Sazan Barzani for the curling part of this tutorial. I watched her big curly hair youtube video(I’ll link her channel down below!) and I absolutely loved her idea of curling the roots of your hair and using it as the primary focus of the look.

Ok as you are curling your hair make sure you focus on the roots especially. This is what is going to give you that big curly hair look.

Step Seven: Brush out your curls gently and then flip your hair upside down. shake out the curls gently and scrunch them. Flip your hair back up and then part your hair to the side you prefer.

Well, guys, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial. If you’d like to request a celebrity or character for my next one make sure to tweet me @ Alia_fairy16! Ok Have a great day lovelies and make sure to follow my social media accounts below!

Zane Carney at Hotel Cafe

Zane Carney at Hotel Cafe




Sazan Barzani




*I do not own the picture of Tori Kelly shown above:)*





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