C.C: Five places I’d like to Visit


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Good Morning, Babes!

Today’s Charming Chat(or C.C) is all about Traveling. I have loved traveling since I was a young girl. I had quite a fascination with planes, passports, and suitcases. I dream of traveling around the world after I graduate from college and choosing a career that allows me to travel as much as I wish. Now as much as I wish this could all be a reality…I don’t live in the perfect world. I can however dream!XD Today I would like to share Five of my dream travel destinations.

Ok, let’s get into it!

#1 Italy


Italy is such a beautiful place. I haven’t visited any place outside of the country YET, but I do hope to visit after I finish my Bachelor’s Degree. The language is so delicate and so are the paintings I have seen of the city. I think the first thing I’d do here would be riding in a Gondola:) I can already imagine hearing the sweet Italian music and street-corner merchants offering me a scarf to buy.

#2 Spain


I have family on my dad’s side with Spanish roots so I think it would be great to connect with half of ethnicity! I think Madrid would be a great place to visit.

# 3 Seattle, Washington


I lived in Washington for a couple of years growing up, and I had the pleasure of visiting Seattle numerous times with my family. I think it would be great to go back and see the space needle and the markets again. The Doughnut place in Pike’s Place is the best!

#4 London, England


Aside from always wanting a British accent, I really want to visit London. I actually follow a lot of London based blogs and a lot of my blogging friends hail from there. I would be wonderful to meet them here someday!

#5 Paris, France


Last but not least my true love, Paris! As a French Major, I am truly enthralled with this city. I can’t wait to move here after I finish college. I feel like the famous city of love has been calling me ever since I learned the Language in 8th grade. I will have to visit Paris soon if I get into the Study Abroad Program. Fingers Crossed!:)

Well, there you go! Five Places I’d love to pay a visit:) I hope you enjoy today’s post and I’ll talk you all very soon.




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