Elsa inspired messy braid



Hey, Babes!

I am so excited to share today’s post with y’all. I am a huge disney fan so I was so excited to make this Elsa Inspired braid tutorial with you all! I am a huge fan of the disney movie Frozen and I honestly watched the Frozen Fever short like 20 times(XD) but enough of my rambling…Let’s get into the tutorial!

What you will need for this hairstyle:




For me, this hairstyle works the best on 2nd day hair. My hair was already super curly so I just brushed it out a bit and starting braiding. If you have pretty straight hair I would reccomend curling it with either a bubble wand or a 1/2 inch curling iron. This tep is completely optional but I feel as though the braid holds better with a curl. After Curling you may want to put in a curling mousse to seal the curls.

The Braid:

Just bear with me for this part. You are going to put your hair in a low ponytail(it should sit at the nape of your neck) after doing that, pull both sides of your hair gently to create a  princess jasmine pouf around the pony tail…After pulling out the pieces to your liking pulls your hair over your shoulder to the side. Now start braiding! I did a regualr braid because my hair was already thick. If you have thin hair try doing a french or dutch braid to get that full look.

Tuck in any flyaways or baby hairs and you are done!

Well, guys I hope you enjoyed this hair style tutorial:) Make sure to tweet me at Alia_Fairy16 with any requests for my next one. I hope you all have fantastic fridays!






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