A little confession




Hey, Everyone!

So I have a bit of a confession to make… Alia is my middle name! I started this blog out with my middle name because I wanted to see how things worked out. Now that I’m serious about this blog and where it will bring me in the future I thought it would be great to introduce my followers to the real me!

*Cue Mitchie’s “This is me” song*(any Camp Rock fans out there?XD)

Hi guys, my name is Jasmine:)

But in all seriousness… If you’d like a more in depth Q + A regarding who I am, tweet me @alia_fairy16(My social media names will soon be changedxD) or post a comment below for me to answer! I will have a general Q+A up in a couple of days. I hope you guys have a lovely rest of your Saturday.




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