What I eat in a day!!

Hey, Babes!

I asked you guys what you wanted to see on the blog on Twitter and you guys voted on a meal plan post! I love doing these kinds of posts because it allows me to see what I have eaten throughout the day! I planned this on Monday and included my breakfast, lunch, and dinner excluding snacks:)

Ok let’s get into it!


As much as I love to sit down and eat breakfast before class, I am a college student so mornings are usually rushed for me. These Apple cereal bars are super easy to grab in the morning and eat on the bus:) And of course I need my water to keep hydrated!


I absolutely love Quinoa so I frequent the Quinoa bowl place on my class. I usually get a mix of kale, spinach, carrots, grilled chicken, and Caesar salad dressing with Quinoa of course. This is a great way to get my greens in while still making lunch super yummy!


I usually eat dinner with my hall mates, but tonight it was just me and two of my guy friends Layne and James. I had this yummy Mexican rice dish and some baked fettuccine Alfredo.

* Drinks not pictured*

Lunch: Lipton Bubbly Tea/More Water

Dinner: Pomegranate Life water

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you guys enjoyed!

Love you guys so so much😊❤️




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