Easy Pizza Burrito Recipe!

Hey, Guys!

I missed you all so much. Now that finals week is over and I’m done for the summer I have some exciting content for you guys🙈 Today I am sharing my newly discovered lunch obsession… The pizza burrito😍 It is so easy to make and is something I conjured up in less than 15 minutes after my workout.(Any body else a tone it up mermaid?!?🐚) anyways I’m going to get into the recipe so you can all try it out if you wish:)

* Side note: I consider this recipe to be healthy but I am in no way experienced in nutrition or a dietician with any experience. I just used some healthy foods and it tasted DELISH so I thought I’d share it on here❤️*

Here’s what you need!

Tortilla: I used a small one but ANY size works for this:)

Raw Baby spinach(totally optional! I love me some spinach so I had to add a couple of pieces in. Depending on the size of your tortilla you can kinda gage how much to add in. 

Turkey pepperoni( or regular pepperoni… I am not eating red meat at the time being so this is what worked for me)

Shredded Mozzarella cheese(any cheese will do but this just SCREAMED pizza🙈

Cookin’ time!

Ok now that you have your ingredients all you need to do is sprinkle the shredded cheese in the middle of the tortilla and add in the rest of your ingredients minus the spinach. We will use that later.

Next microwave that baby for intervals of 15-20 seconds. Make sure your tortilla is open in the microwave so all the cheese my goodness can melt evenly. I did mine for 15 seconds for the first time and then another 20 seconds cooked it perfectly.

Next carefully take out the tortilla and add your spinach pieces! 

Wrap that baby up!

Wrap up the tortilla burrito style and you are done. I had some tortilla chips on the side with mine but you can add whatever  you want!:)

Well I hope you guys enjoyed this little recipe post and I am so excited for you guys to see what I have planned for the next couple of months🙈💖

Have a great rest of your Tuesday babes,




  1. Jodi · May 10, 2016

    Looks good!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Jasmine Alia · May 10, 2016



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