Mini Jewelry Haul!

Hey Babes,

I recently purchased two necklaces online from Charming Charlie and I absolutely love how they look!! I haven’t tried on either one since I just got them, but I will be sure to post pictures to my Instagram if you are interested in seeing me pair them with my outfits. I will link my picture below. As far as shipping and handling, I was very statisfied with how quickly my package arrived and the tracking process. The necklaces arrived in a neat package and were gorgeously wrapped when I opened the box(something I didn’t ask for in advance but was pleasurably surprised with:)

Anyways I hope you enjoyed today’s mini post and stay tuned for more coming this weekend!

The one on the left is a bunch of turqoise crystals and the one on the right(my personal fave) is a turquoise leaf pattern:)

❤️ you guys to the 🌙 and back,


*Not Sponsored*


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