Blogmas Day 1: Five of my favorite holiday movies 

Hey babes! 
Today I want to share five of my holiday movie faves to give you some inspiration for your break… After all this is one of the best times to sit down and watch a bunch of great movies with some cocoa! 

Anyways lets get started with the list🙌🏼

5) Love Actually❤️❤️

One of my friends recommended this one to me a while back and it is a great one! Not so much for the younger crowd since it’s more on the adult humor side but nonetheless it’s a great film with some great British humor and some hilarious characters.

4) Polar Express😭❤️

Tom Hank plays the lead in this great heartwarming film… I shed actually tears every time I watch it and I watch it at least 3 times a year during christmas. Be careful though…that hot chocolate song might get stuck in your head for a couple days😂

3) Christmas with the Kranks🎄⛵️

Tim Allen, another favorite actor of mine does an amazing job in this move alongside Jamie lee Curtis. I absolutely adore this movie… I’ve wanted Blair’s blonde hair since I was seven! Anyways this is another staple Christmas classic that will definitely get you in the Christmas spirit for sure.

2) Elf🎅🏼😱

Will Ferrell absolutely melts our hearts in this adorable film. I actually thought about making his dessert spaghetti just to see what it would taste like! This movie a MUST for Christmas time… I don’t know that many people who haven’t seen it because it’s so popular around Christmas time.

1) Santa Clause🎅🏼

My personal fave since I remember watching Christmas movies as a child, and including Tim Allen yet again(what can I say…he’s a great actor!) anyways although we can get annoyed at Neil and that damn weenie whistle who didn’t cry tears of joy when little Charlie saw all those elves making toys(um someone pass the tissues please?!?)anyways besides singing white Christmas in my head for days and wanting a mystery date game this movie makes me excited for Christmas time every year.

Ok guys! I hope you enjoyed Blogmas day one! Comment down below your favorite christmas movies:) I’d live to have some recommendations!

Love you guys to the 🌙 and back!



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