Manic Monday




Hey, Babes!

As I’m typing this post in Starbucks before class, I realize that there is a negative stigma associated with Mondays. I see incessant memes on the internet talking about dreading Monday, and hoping Sunday would last longer. Although I’ve had my share of terrible Mondays, they happen to be one of my favorite days of the week. Call me crazy, but it’s a fresh start to the week! You can choose to start your week off to a great start or laze around. The week really takes shape according to your attitude. I like to spice up my routine on Monday, whether it be rearranging my furniture, trying something new for lunch, or starting a new book. So instead of dreading the Monday coming before you, decide to make the best of it! After all, what you do today can set the stage for the rest of the week:)




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