Evening routine(skincare, journaling, etc)



Hey, babes!

After a frazzled hiatus, I’m back on my computer and ready to type up some freshly baked posts for you all. I have been loving my evening routine, and how it has changed in a year or so. After watching plenty of youtube videos and grasping inspiring from some Netflix shows(will link below!) I’ve curated my own routine that leaves me feeling serene before jumping into bed at night. I often have trouble falling asleep at night so having a stable routine before bed really helps me fall asleep quicker. I will separate the routine into three separate parts so it’s easy to read. But enough with the chit-chat let’s get into it!!

                                                Part One: Shower and Beauty routine


I like to start off my routine by taking a relaxing shower. Since my bathtub back at home isn’t that large, I refrain from taking bubble baths. Fortunately, my apartment I’m moving into this summer does have a wider tub so you’ll definitely find me at lush buying all the bath bombs. In the shower, I use a roundup of products that I usually use during a day to day basis, adding in a couple extra ones come night time.

Here are the products that I am loving right now!:)

Dove Coconut body wash

Skintimate berry shaving gel

Macadamia body scrub

After my shower, I like to put on a fluffy robe and put lotion on immediately. Doing this right after you dry off makes the scent of the lotion stay longer, and allows your skin to get the most amount of moisture possible!(three cheers for soft skin!) Throughout this process, I’m usually playing music on my Spotify on my iPad mini. My favorite playlists for the nighttime are the coffeehouse playlist, Dean Martin, and Disney’s Belle playlist. You can find all three of these on Spotify!:) I then proceed to do the usual routine of washing my face, brushing my teeth, etc. I don’t wash my hair every day but I do love brushing in Argan oil into my hair after I wash it.

                                                     Part Two: Pj’s and Peace


After my skincare is done, I like to pull on a comfy pair of pajamas. My mom bought me the cutest pair of flannel pj’s from Target and they are the best for cozy days. I even like wearing them in the summer when it doesn’t get too hot! After getting into my Pj’s I like to sit in my window seat area and wind down a bit. This could mean doing a small meditation or watching a youtube video while painting my nails. Nothing too stressful.

Some of my favorite you tubers:

Aileen Xu(Lavendaire)

Hitomi Mochizuki

Michelle Reed

Carrie Rad

                                       Part Three: Journaling and Self Love


For the last part(and mt personal favorite) I’ll sit down in front of my journal and do a stream of consciousness. What this basically means is that I’ll write down anything and everything I’m feeling at the moment, whether that be happiness or stress. Then I’ll plan for the next day by writing my goals, to-dos in my planner. I recently created a sort of organization system for myself that I will share in a post soon!(Hint: I might have free printables for you guys!!) After I do my journaling, I will choose a book to read a couple chapters before bed. This week I’m reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. It’s very interesting so far and so inspiring! I definitely see a book review on it in the near future. And… after those shenanigans, I turn off my lights and doze off to a playlist on Spotify.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading about my routine and are inspired to change up or add some things to yours! I have a ton of great posts in queue for the next couple of months and I can’t wait to share them, will you all. I hope you guys have a delightful evening and I’ll see you around very soon.




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