15 things that make me smile

Hey Babes!

I had such a serene day during my last couple of days in paradise. I decided to compile a list of 20 things that make me smile… I was hoping this post could make you guys smile as well😊
1) Jesus

Reading god’s word and singing his praise never fails to make me smile😊

2) Reading

As an English major this list wouldn’t be complete with out books!! I’m thinking of doing a segment on my blog about my reading habit so stay tuned😏

3) Exploring

Even if I don’t spend any money, I love finding new places to take pictures of/at and I absolutely am always down for an adventure.

4) Trying new restaurants 

I love food..period

5) Sweets

Brownies are my favorite but cupcakes come up as a close second🙈

6) Dressing up

Even if I’m just going to target I LOVE dressing up. You probably won’t find me in jeans and a t-shirt that often😂
7) Traveling 

When I can, I love to travel and take pictures. Plane rides are probably my favorite type of transportation next to train rides.

8) Writing

You can most likely find me writing a blog post or a random short story in my free time.

9) Shopping

I love shopping but I also love saving money when shopping. Tj maxx and Marshalls are my favorite stores!

10) Cups of tea

Chai is my absolute favorite!

11) Family(especially my the Lorelei to my Rory)

I love my family and my mom and I are super close💕

12) Pizza

Favorite food and best when it is the size(or bigger) than your face.

13) My friends

My friends are rad and I love them so much

14) Cute coffee shops

Even though I don’t drink coffee(lol) I like ordering tea and treats at cool hipster coffee places!

15) Baking(especially chocolate chip cookies)

Last but certainly not least… I love baking! It’s a great stress reliever and I love trying vegan recipes😋

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you all have wonderful days😊💕

Love y’all!



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