How to shop on a college budget

Hey, Babes!

I absolutely love to shop, but I also am a college student so I have to stay on a budget while I’m going to school. Even if you aren’t currently in school, this post will be helpful to anyone wanting to save money when shopping for clothes!

1) Subscribe to email lists

Usually online clothing stores have deals that will be sent to you once you join the email list. I’ve gotten free shipping and up to 30% when I do this!

2)  Shop large retailers before heading to the mall

I love TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Ross. I find the best deals on shoes from Ross and clothes from the other two. I usually shop at the mall during sale season and before major holidays. 

3) Thrift Thrift Thrift

I am a huge fan of thrifting, and a lot of times I get to curate my own style by doing this. You can find really original pieces in Thrift stores and for a lot of times end up getting a bunch of clothes for under $20!

4) Outlet stores

In my NYC travel diary I talked about visiting The Mill, a popular outlet mall in New Jersey. The great thing about these places is that it’s stores from a regular mall but the prices are marked down.

5) Buy on off seasons

This is such an underrated tip. You can save so much money by purchasing seasonal pieces on off seasons. Here’s a little guide that I follow that seems to work for me:

For fall and winter clothes->> Buy during the summer time

For spring and summer clothes->> Buy during early fall

I hope you guys liked this post and maybe took something out of it! 

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Love y’all!



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