Dear College Freshman

Hey Babes!

This one is for all the nervous, excited, and future college freshman! I have put together some tips for doing well your first year including dorm tips, organization, friends, parties, and relationships. I hope you enjoy this post and grab a cup of tea or coffee because this is going to be a long one.


                         •Your Dorm•

No matter how big or small, AC or no AC, and hall style bathroom or suite style your dorm room is going to be your place to relax. This is your built in living room, dining room, and bedroom all in one! If you have a roommate(you most likely will) make sure you communicate ahead of time to discuss who’s bringing what. I did this with my both of my previous roommates and it was so helpful in the long run. Here’s a list of things I find helpful to bring(but make sure you check your school’s website for a finalized list!!)

  • Extra set of twin xl sheets
  • Desk hutch
  • Comfy lounge chair 
  • Throw pillows(for decorating!)
  • Canvases(another decor item)
  • Iron & Board
  • Laundry supplies
  • Photos of family and friends 
  • Healthy Snacks and container to store them in!



You are either going to be best friends with your roommate or the latter… but that doesn’t mean you can’t peacefully coexist! Make sure to contact your roommate before moving in and talking about preferences. Early bird? Let her know that you’ll be waking up early to catch that 7 am yoga class. Night owl? Make sure to buy a reading light for late night hw sessions or chill out in the tv lounge. 


Before we start this portion off make sure you buy a planner! These things are pure magic and help organize everything you need to get done. I’ll link a couple of my favorite ones below. If you are on budget(like myself!) TJMaxx and marshalls have the best deals on planners😊

Ok you’re in college to get an education so make sure your attitude is set in the right place. You might be tempted to stay up light and watch tv because your parents aren’t around the corner anymore… but trust me- you’ll regret it(I’ve been there🙄) 

Invest in a good computer and some good school supplies. They can last you a long time if you do this. I’ve had my baby Mac book pro since junior year of high school! 


                       •Social Scene•

I’m going to be candid here… your college experience is entirely what YOU make it. If you want to party all night and fail your exams-you’ll do that. But you don’t have to get drunk and party to have a good time in college. I don’t go to parties often and I’ve met some of the greatest people and had some of the most enjoyable times ever! I am apart of a sorority but I don’t partake in parties, and I get the same enjoyment out of my experiences. Check out the activities your campus has for sober events- most of them are actually a great time! 

Here of some of my favorite things to do with my friends:

Trivia nights

Comedy shows

Late night restaurant runs

Movie nights 

12pm IHOP and cookout trips(my personal fave😂)


From the experiences of friends, and myself, dating in college can be a bit of a mess. You’re in this exciting place with new opportunities and new faces. You want to try everything at once. I briefly dated a guy during my freshman year and it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. I guess in high school I expected adult relationships to be like a fairytale and how it is in the movies. This doesn’t mean you won’t have a Cory and Topanga relationship(ugh so goals) in college, but it also doesn’t mean that you should make it your prime focus. All I have to say with this one, is be yourself! Don’t try to change who you are for a guy and don’t make them your priority. There are so many things about college to be excited about!

Before I end this post I asked for questions on my latest post on Instagram for anyone wanted some advice before they started college. I got a question so I’m going to answer it here😊

💕”How do I balance school work and a social life while I live on campus?”💕

✨That’s a great question! What I have to say about this is make sure you make a schedule for yourself. Plan out your day and write down everything you need to do. You’ll have plenty of time to hang out with friends because most likely, they will be living with you! Always put school first and then filter in activities. If you happen to get involved with activities that align with your niche that’s even better! Also I would advise you to make friends with your classmates. Study parties can be a good time🤗✨

Good luck with college girly!💕

Ok guys, I hope you all enjoyed this post! I intend on doing more college related posts in the future… I hope you all have a good night and I’ll see you all soon.

Love y’all!




  1. concertoinprogress · July 19, 2017

    You are killing it with the blog, keep it up! Love and miss you girl!! ❤❤

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