Style Inspo: Rachel Green

Pic Credit: Ronne Kent(my talented roomie)

Hey Babes!!!!

I’m so excited to share my very first style profile with you all. Basically every Thursday I’ll be creating and outfit inspired by a tv/celeb character and showing you piece by piece how to achieve it!

Today’s style inspo will be Rachel Green from one of my favorite shows: F•R•I•E•N•D•S!!

Here’s the outfit:

And here’s how to get it(under $50!! Prices are approx)

Checkered Overalls: Forever 21

Around $15

Tights: Old Navy


Black Thigh High Boots: Target

$25 on sale!!

Pink Sweater: H&M


Rachel’s style is classic and involves many pairs of overalls. I decided to mix of two of my favorite looks from her and blend them into one classic look that can be versatile for work/school or dressed up to go out!

Overalls are the base and I added a sweater because of the chilly weather(you can totally substitute it for a thinner material)

Rachel also wears statement patterns so I thought the gingham/checkered print overalls were a great touch to the outfit. You can go for a plain pair of overalls and it would work just as well.

Finally the shoes! Rachel’s shoes differ from outfit to outfit but again because of the weather over here I opted for a pair of cozy boots. I definitely think Rachel would be a fan of these and they tie in nicely with the black in the overalls. I added a pair of grey tights to keep my legs warm and also make the outfit school/work appropriate(if you want this to be more dressy/going out worthy you can definitely nix the tights!!)

I hope you guys enjoyed my first Style Inspo post and be sure to look out for my next twitter poll to see what I do next:)

Love y’all❤️❤️,


*Also thank you to my lovely roommate Ronne Kent for taking my pictures!:)


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