Weekend in my Life

Hello Babes!!

I want to apologize for the lack of posts in the past couple of weeks… college and work have kept me busy and I’ve had a lot of deadlines I’ve had to meet. Anyways this Saturday’s post is going to be a quick weekend diary that I hope you will enjoy! For those who follow me on Twitter I haven’t forgot about my Blair Waldorf look book! I have to schedule time with a friend of mine to take the pictures and as soon as we meet I’ll have it up on the blog. Ok enough of my rambling…

Let’s get into the post💃🏽


After a very stressful, and long week I was so happy to clock out at work and jump into my comfy bed.(who else is super excited when they come home to a made bed?😂) I decided to make some dinner and go to Large Group with a good friend of mine. Large group is basically a night of worship and fellowship for a group I’m a part of. We sing worship songs and listen to a sermon. This night was particularly special because I got to see a bunch of old friends from freshman year.


I started my Saturday kind of late but I still got a decent amount of work done before going out! I started my day off with a late brunch and a webinar by Marie Forleo(if you are interested in growing your business/brand and establishing yourself you should definitely check her out!!) I learned so much from the webinar and am happy to announce that I will be purchasing my own domain and growing this website in the near future! I plan of relaunching after spring break but the details will be spilled on my Twitter very soon😏 I ended the night with Chick fil a(much needed let me tell ya) and a trip to the mall and movie with my girls😊

I hope you guys enjoyed this little update and follow me on Twitter and Instagram for more updates!!

Love Y’all,



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